About Us

Welcome to Eden Dreams!
An earthy and artisan jewellery brand that produces genuinely different designs in silver and bronze. Designed and created by Cynthia Reed.

Silver smithing and beading have long been a passion of mine and I feel grateful to be able to do what I love and share my creations with you.
When I’m not creating I spend a lot of time foraging in the bush, where I look at leaves, seeds, bark and other gifts of nature. At the beach I enjoy looking for shells and finding treasures!
It is the intrinsic beauty and infinite patterns in our local flora and fauna that shape my designs and from which I draw inspiration!

I like my work to instill a connection to the natural world. To wear Eden Dreams Jewellery is to connect with nature and be inspired by what we see and discover around us. Nature’s gifts are sometimes raw and tactile, other times more complex and perfected, but always organic.

In my work I make use of various techniques such as beading, traditional silver smithing, metal clay shaping and the art of ‘Lost Wax Casting’.
Both my own and bought components are incorporated into the designs and I take pride in sourcing only genuine precious metals, natural gemstones and other materials.

I strive to be eco-friendly in my practices by recycling silver and keeping waste to a minimum. My gift boxes and bags are made from recycled card and paper. I follow conservation regulations when working with shells. Replicas are either made from moulds taken at the beach so empty shells are not removed from their environment or sourced from licensed collectors. Beach fauna designs are made from vintage specimens.

I hope you feel inspired by my designs and look forward to present you with many more of my creations. If you have any questions or special wishes please don’t hesitate to talk to me! I am very happy to accommodate custom orders too! Also if an item you are interested in is out of stock please contact me and I'll provide an estimate of how long it will take me to make the item especially for you!

Look me up on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to keep up to date about which markets I will attend with new designs and special offers!

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Cynthia Reed